This sunday was the first race with the new 450 MX at the opening round of the Italian championship at Mantova. Alessandro Lupino was the sole rider from the Ducati team. Antonio Cairoli was at the track working with the team.
Lupino was the fastest rider during free practice and he managed to set the fastest lap in the qualifying as well. In the first heat he grabbed the lead going into corner no. 2 and held it for the remainder of the race, as you can see in the video below.

Heat no. 2 didn´t turn out as easily for Lupino that got caught up in a first corner crash and had to work his way back up to a 7th to finish the race.
Heat 2 can be seen on this link, skip ahead to 1:46:00 to watch the race start.

The results was enough to award Lupino with a second overall which makes the Ducati look really promising for the future.

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