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This information page is intended for those of other nationalities who are interested in competing in Sweden. The article will touch upon available classes for international drivers , how to find a competition to participate in, how to sign up for a competition and national minimum requirements for you and your bike. This page is meant to get you started, but is not exhaustive in regards to all requirements and regulations for competing in Sweden, we strongly suggest that you contact our federation for further details.

Available classes and licenses

The Swedish national league (S1 equivalent) is open to international participants with a valid international license. Most national league races are also held in conjunction with the supporting class “Open” (SM2+3 equivalent) which also are raced on an international level.

Finding a competition to participate in

Our championship calendar can be found at Svemo, the national federation.

Minimum requirements for you and your bike

Our regulation states that you should have safetywire on everything that could cause an oilspill if it where to come loose i.e:

  • front brake caliper
  • oil plug(s)
  • coolant cap
  • oil filler cap

Your bike is allowed to have a maximum of 115dB/A at a test right after the race. If you fail to pass this test your total race time will get an extra minut added to it. Most races will have soundcheck at sign-in. You are required to race the bike on “normal” fuel. The regulation states that fuel bought at a gas station, or alkalyt fuel, is approved for racing. Anti-freeze in the engines cooling system is not allowed. Gear: You are allowed to race in race leathers that can be separated, but it must be zipped together (pants and jacket) during tracktime. Gloves must be of leather. Helmet, dirt bikeboots and back protection is also a requirement. The helmet is not allowed to be hinged open type helmet, what we call a “hot dog eaters” helmet. When you arrive at the race track, have someone help you explaining the start procedure and check if there are any differences from what you are used to. False starts can be penalised in two different ways, via “stop-and-go” (standard) or placement penalty (exception). The Supplementary Regulations for each race will state if the exception is used and any other special circumstances for the race or track in general. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you require assistance in translating these. An environmental mat in the pit is a must.

How to sign up for a competition

All Swedish championship classed races under the federation Svemo are managed under a sign-up system called Svemo TA. TA is localized to English, however feel free to utilize our guide below:

This is what you will find, an entry site in swedish.Fortunately though, there´s a tiny american flag that you can press, and viola. The site is now in english. Svemo TA
Click the tab named “create profile”. 2
Enter your personal info, birthdate, country and so forth.When you´re done, press “create profile” and the site will now sen you an activation link to your email.Open the email and click that link to verify your account. 2
That link will get you to the space where you will chose your personal password. Remember, don´t tell anyone, cause then it won´t be a secret… Enter it twice and then proceed. 4
This is the site where you sign up for our races. Click the link “I want to enter a competition”, if that´s what you want?  5
Chose your sport, Supermoto, and press “search competition”. This will show you the upcoming races. This will not, however, show the races that aren´t yet approved for entry. So keep an eye out on Supermotoswedens facebook, and website and we will let you know when you are able to sign up. 6
You need to type your club name in the first box, unless your club is in the list, then just choose  your clubname.  9
If you go to the second tab, this is where you choose wich class you want to compete in. Elit, this is the class for the swedish championship. Open, this is the amateur racing class. Choose wisely, my young one. You will also need to enter a vehicle, preferebly a supermoto bike, and a transponder if you have one. You can rent transponders at the race if you do not have your own. 10
This page is for the arranging club so that they can get a clue about how large an area they will need for the pits. No, not dicks. Pit. Where you park your bi… Forget it.  12
Since you guys are not from around here, you cannot buy a license from our organizer. Don´t forget to bring yours and make sure that it is valid for racing here in Sweden. The golden country. Pay your race fee and be ready to kick some Swedish ass.  14

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