FIM has published the rules that will regulate the 2021 FIM S1GP SuperMoto World Championship.
Format of the event:

PassDuration per sessionMaximum number of riders
2 X Free Practise20 min32
1X Time Practise25 min32
1 X “Superpole”2 laps per rider6
1 X Warm-up20 min32
1 X “RaceOne”x laps (~ 20min)32
1 X “Fast Race”x laps (~ 15min)32
1 X “SuperFinal”x laps (~ 20min)32

The winner of the “SuperPole” earns 1 World Championship point.
Starting positions
The riders’ starting positions are determined as follows:

  • For “RaceOne” and the “Fast Race”: according to the results of the Time Practice (positions 7 to 32) and the SuperPole (positions 1 to 6).
  • For the “SuperFinal”: according to the results of the “FastRace” (positions 1 to 32).
    “Joker Lane”
    Introduction of a “Joker Lane” on the course which:
  • May be used by the riders during the Free Practices and the Warm-Up.
  • May be used by the riders during the Warm-Up lap preceding the “SuperFinal”.
  • Must be used by the riders one time and not more than once otherwise they will receive a 5 places down penalty in the results of the “SuperFinal”.

It resembles the schedules used by World Superbike (WSBK) with Superpole and total number of races. And adding to that the Joker Lane that has been used in the Monster Energy supercross cup (SX).
Both the WSBK and the SX series have a wide range of viewers each week. Maybe this is something that will speak to the audience and keep them coming back for more?

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